MAMABirth Classes

are a 10hr comprehensive childbirth education course covering:
last few weeks of pregnancy




newborn care

postnatal recovery


The course is offered as either:

4 x evening sessions - 6.30pm - 9pm


2 x weekend sessions 10.30am - 4.30pm

And thanks to COVID-19; you get to enjoy this class in the comfort of your own home- we have moved to a live webinar until further notice.

What we cover:


Part 1
Preparing for Labour & Birth

  • the last few weeks of pregnancy

  • hormonal physiology of labour

  • the early stages of labour

  • tips for

    • setting up your birth environment

    • coping strategies

    • choosing your support team

  • "natural" ways to encourage labour

  • perineal massage

  • antenatal colostrum expressing

  • optimal fetal positioning

    • including "Spinning Babies" techniques

  • Group B Strep screening

  • Options for models of care & place of birth

Part 2

Understanding Labour

  • the continuum "stages" of labour

  • the sensations of labour

  • what the baby's doing

  • assessment techniques

  • active labour positions

  • massage techniques

  • relaxation & breathing

  • writing a birth plan

  • informed decision-making B.R.A.I.N. acronym

Part 3

Birthing Your Baby

  • working out your pain preferences

  • dos & don'ts for partners

  • non-pharmacological pain relief options

    • TENS

    • water immersion

    • sterile water injections

  • pharmacological pain relief options

    • epidural

    • nitrous oxide gas

    • opioids (pethidine etc(

  • birthing the placenta

  • cutting the cord

  • the role of interventions & what to expect

    • caesarean births

    • instrumental births (forceps & vacuums)

    • induction of labour

Part 4

Getting to Know Baby

  • the first 24hrs

    • skin-to-skin

    • first breastfeed

    • Vitmain

    • Hepatitis B vaccine

  • newborn screening test

  • first bath

  • breastfeeding

    • research facts

    • colostrum vs mature milk

    • supply & demand

    • tips for attachment & positioning

    • frequency of feeds

    • how to tell if baby's getting enough

    • seeking help

    • troubleshooting tips

  • normal infant sleep

  • settling tips

  • safe sleeping recommendations

  • postnatal recovery for mum

  • emotional health

Please note this is a general overview of content explored in great detail in the classes.
Each class & series are a little different as we tailor the content to the needs & wishes of our participants.

Please get in touch if you would like more information 

Your Investment


tea, coffee & light refreshments

+ an exclusive resource pack to take home

+ access to our online community

+ unlimited email support from the MAMABirth presenters after the course


- $50 off voucher for selected Allied Health consultations or First Aid Course​s

from MAMA Services
- Photography discount voucher

from Lacey Barratt Photography


Full 10hr series: 

just  $380

 per woman (includes 1 support person)

  • additional support people (e.g. friend or doula) - $50pp

  • student midwives participating in follow-through experiences are welcome free of charge

Fun fact - 

We've NEVER increased our prices - in fact a year ago we knocked $100 off! 

Are our classes for you?

Our Classes:

  • are inclusive - all expectant parents welcome! 

  • are capped to small numbers - no more than 10 women & their support people - for an intimate, inclusive & interactive learning environment. 

  • are written & presented by qualified, registered midwives, not just someone who took a weekend training course! 

  • are independent & evidence-based, which means there's no:

    • hospital policies

    • clinician preferences

    • branded syllabus

  • aim to make you feel excited & empowered

  • aim to help you make informed decisions & communicate these with your health care providers

  • are tailored to you
    We send you a pre-class survey to find out more about you & your interests/goals

  • do not show gory or graphic videos or photos

  • are suitable for women in ANY model of care -

    • public hospital,

    • planned homebirth,

    • midwife care,

    • obstetrician care 


  • want to start parenthood feeling strong & empowered

  • would like to explore your options

    • including risks & benefits 

  • want to be as prepared as possible for the decisions ahead

  • appreciate unbiased, scientific and factual information

  • might be feeling anxious about giving birth

  • would like to achieve a normal physiological birth in an ideal situation

  • are worried about how you might cope with labour/birth and the changes that come with a newborn

  • are feeling overwhelmed by conflicting opinions and advice about

    • labour/birth

    • pain relief

    • breastfeeding

    • newborn settling & sleep

  • are keen to learn about how your childbearing body works

  • would like to avoid unnecessary interventions for yourself and your baby

  • would like to understand situations where there is true medical need for interventions

  • would like to be supported by a confident, capable and calm birth partner 

and most importantly...

You have no idea what we could possibly talk about for 10 hours!

(You definitely need to come along!)


When's the next class?

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What else do
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The fine print...

A non-refundable $150 deposit is required to secure your booking. By making a booking paying your deposit, it is assumed you have read and agree to our terms & conditions, as outlined below. 


If you wish to book but have any concerns or questions about the above conditions, please get in touch via email
BEFORE booking online / paying your deposit.


Refund Policy


Please note the $150 deposit required to secure your booking is non-refundable. If you choose to pay the full $380 upfront but then cancel your booking, the $150 deposit is retained.  


The only circumstances we would offer a full refund of deposit and course fees would be if 

1) if we cancel the course or workshop

2) you have the baby before you are able to attend the class however you must be no more than 36 weeks pregnant on the date of the course you have booked in for. You are still welcome to attend a course beyond 36 weeks of pregnancy with the understanding that no refund will be provided if your baby arrives before the completion of the course. 


If you are unable to attend your booked course, you may request to book in for another course date (space permitting), prior to the start of the class or workshop. Exchanges requested after the start of the class or workshop will not be granted. 


If your workshop is a series (multiple dates) and the workshop series has started, no refunds or exchanges will be granted.

Disclaimer/Waiver & Consent form


Prior to participating in the course, all participants are required to sign a disclaimer/waiver/consent form agreeing to the following:


  • Information & advice provided in the classes is of a general nature only and may not necessarily pertain to your individual circumstances. 

  • Important decisions regarding you or your baby’s care should not be based solely on the information & advice presented in these classes. The information should rather be evaluated in the context of your individual circumstances, in discussion with your maternity care provider.

  • You agree to contact your maternity care provider in the first instance if you have any concerns regarding your wellbeing or that of your baby.

  • We cannot accept responsibility for any links provided to external websites as the content may change from when we have viewed them.  The views, opinions and beliefs expressed are those of the individual writers and do not necessarily correlate with those of Midwives and Mothers Australia (MAMA) or the MAMABirth presenters.

  • Classes may include practising upright, mobile & active positions recommended for pregnancy, labour & birth. Please speak to your maternity care provider if you have any concerns/underlying issues to confirm you are able to perform basic postures.

  • In any event, you acknowledge and agree that you assume the risks associated with any and all activities and/or exercise in which you participate & in the event of any injury you waive any claims against MAMABirth. 


No Shows / Arriving Late


All classes will commence at the start time stated on your confirmation letter unless otherwise arranged, therefore if you are running late, you are requested to contact the MAMABirth presenter via the contact details provided on your confirmation letter.  Classes times will not be rescheduled or postponed due to lateness; missed time & content will be forfeited.


Full or partial refunds will not be granted for no-shows or arriving late unless under exceptional circumstances, and only at the sole discretion of the MAMABirth presenter.  




MAMABirth classes include free vouchers to be used at the leisure of participants.  Sole responsibility for redeeming vouchers, as instructed on each voucher, lies with participants.  See individual vouchers for T&Cs.   



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