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Don't leave it until baby's here to figure out how breastfeeding works!

We highly recommend these fantastic breastfeeding workshops run by the

MAMA Services lactation consultants. 

Held over two hours in an intimate group of a maximum of 5 pregnant women/people (plus a support person each).


These workshops will arm you with up-to-date and evidence-based information to help you on your way to a positive and successful breastfeeding journey. 

The class covers:

  • Why breastfeeding

  • Breasts & hormones

  • Skin-to-skin and the first breastfeed

  • Feeding cues

  • Positioning and attachment

  • Hand expressing

  • Signs of adequate intake

  • Bottles & breast pumps

  • Common challenges and troubleshooting

Plus, plenty of time for questions, and you go home with helpful handouts for future reference.