What is the ideal time in my pregnancy to attend?

Most of our mothers are between 28 - 34 weeks when they attend our classes.  

You are welcome to attend at any gestation, however please be aware we will not provide a refund if you are 36 or more weeks pregnant when attending and have your baby before the completion of the course. Please see MAMA's refund policy for further information. 

How is MAMABirth different to the free hospital classes?

MAMABirth is an independent childbirth education course, meaning we base our content on the best available research evidence, not hospital policies and protocols. Our content is factual, balanced and regularly updated.  

We've been to many great hospital classes over the years. They are generally informative and engaging but as they do have to cater for a very wide range of clients, information can sometimes be broad and generic. Presenters have to censor their syllabus to comply with their organisational policies and must also be mindful of not alienating their broad range of clients by getting into details about certain topics of interest.  

Put shortly - hospital classes can be informative but will tell you how to have your baby in their hospital; we give you tools & strategies to make informed decisions regardless of your place of birth or caregiver.     

Can students attend?



Students participating in a "follow through" or "continuity of care" journey as well as students on placement at MAMA are always welcome to attend free of charge.  


We offer a heavily discounted price of $100 for any other midwifery, medical, allied health students or training doulas.  

Please get in touch with us if this is you. 

I am a single parent / gay parent.  Is MAMABirth suitable for me?

All expectant parents are always welcome.


We always try to tailor information to the specific needs of our clients, which is why we get in touch before the class to get to know you and what you're hoping to get out of the classes.


Prices are for two participants and we do not usually provide discounts for single participants however you are more than welcome to bring a support person of your choice along (i.e. your mother/sister/friend who perhaps will be present at the birth). 

My friend/relative/colleague said that "birthing classes" were boring & a waste of time.
Why should I book MAMABirth?

In our experience as midwives in a variety of settings, we have seen time and time again that knowledge = power, especially for first time parents.


It makes sense to prepare for something as life-changing as having a baby! We research buying a car, the reviews before seeing a new movie, and which pram to buy ... but often don't put the same thought and preparation into what we want out of our birth/beyond journeys (there's more to it than just a healthy mother/healthy baby!).  Instead we sometimes "leave it to the experts", and in doing so we risk leaving life-changingly important decisions to someone who often is a stranger with different wishes, philosophies and priorites to us.


It's important to remember that you will only have one first birth and it's too late afterwards to say "I wish I'd have known that earlier..."


While MAMABirth can't possibly cover every scenario, we give you a good understanding of what is normal, how to keep it normal, as well as strategies and tools for navigating deviations from the norm and making informed decisions. We keep it interactive & engaging and content is always tweaked to the interests and needs of our individual participants.  Participants consistently tell us they feel "so much better" after coming to our classes, especially those who are "scared of knowing too much".  

I am already booked in for a planned caesarean birth.  Is MAMABirth suitable for me?

You are very welcome to attend the course.


However as most of MAMABirth focuses on preparing for and navigating normal labour & birth, some mums who are planning a caesarean birth can find it irrelevant or even upsetting depending on their situation.  

Further information on the course content can be found here.  You may also wish to enquire about a private class

Can I book into only one session?

The MAMABirth course is offered as a complete package of all 4 classes.  The course is structured to flow and build on knowledge & concepts progressively so missing a class may result in confusion or an incomplete "picture".  


We do make some rare exceptions however this is solely at the discretion of the MAMABirth presenters and MUST be discussed with us (via email hayley@midwivesandmothers.com.auprior to making a booking or payment.

How do I book? / What next?


Bookings can be online here or by calling the MAMA admin team on 03 9376 7474 during business hours.


Bookings are only confirmed on payment of $150 (non-refundable) deposit or full amount. 


Please read our detailed booking terms conditions including refund policy, prior to making a booking.  


Once payment of the deposit is received, the MAMABirth team will email you a booking pack including dates/times/venues, what to bring, and the necessary paperwork.  

What is included in the price?
All group classes include:​
- tea, coffee & light refreshments
- exclusive resource booklet (yours to keep)
- ongoing support from the MAMABirth team after the completion of the course
- $50 MAMA allied health service voucher (redeemable for select allied health services at MAMA)
- Photography discount voucher
Is onsite parking available?
The MAMA Centre in Kensington has limited onsite off-street parking & ample street parking 
Do I need to bring anything along to the classes?
You will receive a confirmation booking pack that outlines what to bring. 
- pen 
- comfortable, loose clothing
- bean bags/cushions/gym balls - we want you to be comfortable!
- water bottle
- snacks and meals for the breaks 
- completed paperwork
Can I claim private health insurance rebates?
Depending on your health fund and level of cover, you may be able to claim rebates for childbirth education classes. The world of private health rebates is tricky to navigate - with each fund managing things a little differently and issuing their own provider numbers and set of requirements for claiming. Please note, some private health funds including Bupa, Medibank & HCF do NOT offer rebates.  We have had a few clients encounter conflicting information from their health fund depending on who they speak to so please ensure you check any information carefully. 
We recommend you contact your health fund and receive written confirmation that childbirth education classes are covered along with any specific requirements they have are for claiming (e.g. can only be taught by a midwife in private practice, or in an obstetrician's clinic etc.), and let us know if there are any requirements on our part (e.g. obtaining a provider number). Currently, we have provider numbers for Defence Health, Australian Unity, GU Health & AHM
Get in touch with us for more information.