MAMABirth is the brainchild of Midwives and Mothers Australia (MAMA)
- the first holistic midwifery centre providing pregnancy care, education and support for Victorian women and their families.

Since 2011, MAMA has assisted more than 600 families to deliver their babies alongside our obstetric colleagues, with clinics in Kensington, Caulfield & Ballarat, and now Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast. 

Our vaginal birth rates for the practice are in line with World Health Organisation recommendations, at 88%. This statistic remains consistent regardless of the woman’s chosen model of care or birth place.

The MAMABirth education course was formulated as we found it difficult to find midwife-led childbirth education classes in the community.

providing pregnancy care, education and support for Victorian women and their families.


MAMABirth focuses on normalising birth and parenting, as well as ensuring parents are aware of the importance of intervention when necessary.

We have been careful to use evidence-based content that can be adapted to any model of care or birth setting.

MAMABirth classes are appropriate for women choosing any model of care, and are run by MAMA midwives & a women's health physiotherapist.

Examples of sources we consult:

NICE guidelines, RANZCOG, Aus College of Midwives, RCOG, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews



MAMABirth presenters are registered midwives who practice in both hospital and community-based settings.  

We have infused our deep appreciation for the roles of our obstetric & allied health colleagues into the course, and are proud to be part of a network of like-minded practitioners across Victoria, sharing our skills, knowledge & services. 

MAMABirth parents are shown the value of a multi-disciplinary approach to 

optimising the physiology of labour/birth & parenting, as well as in managing when their journey deviates from the norm.