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MumLife Australia is a trusted online resource sharing evidence-based information to help mums make informed parenting decisions.

The internet is saturated with well-meaning yet questionable parenting advice. Even before a child enters the world, mums-to-be are bombarded with myths, misnomers & misinformation.


MumLife Australia was founded in October 2015 to address this barrage of unsubstantiated and unreliable information feeding parental anxiety.

“During my own experience as a new mum, I saw a real need to empower mums with evidence based (judgement-free) tour through the most common questions and concerns of parenthood.” Ani Tuna, Founder & Editor

As a trusted online resource, MumLife Australia empowers mums by sharing evidence based information combined with practical parenting considerations. Our Tribe of medical professionals and academics translate the latest research into digestible information to help mums make informed parenting decisions.

MAMABirth presenter, Hayley, is a proud member of the MumLife Australia tribe.

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Lacey Barratt

Lacey Barratt has been photographing full time for 4 years since the birth of her eldest son Samuel. After her second son, William was born the direction of her photography changed and she began documenting births exclusively in the Darwin area. 

Over the next 18 months, birth photography went from a no-name-genre to a must-have-genre! Since exclusively documenting births, Lacey has captured over 60 births.  She is now servicing the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Lacey has been recognized locally for the impact that her imagery has made on her community. She was nominated as a finalist for the "Fair Go" Pride of Australia Medal in 2014. She has also been interviewed by NT News, ABC Radio, Positive Birth Movement Melbourne, and has spoken to a group of women about the "love yourself" campaign- loving your body postpartum, through the Office of Woman's Advancement NT. She is an avid lover of birth, breastfeeding, and babywearing,.


Lacey is also an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), a part of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, Birth Photographers Australia, Heartfelt, and Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project by Leilani Rogers #PBAP. More recently, she has started her own campaign #birthuncensored to help normalize birth and use her images as informative and educational. This leaves Lacey fully qualified to capture your very first...everything. 


She has been featured in numerous online news articles on multiple occasions, magazines, blogs and TV Shows including: The Doctors, The Huffington Post, The Stir, Cafe Moms, Cosmopolitan, SELF Mag, DailyMail UK, Daily Mail AU, ATTN:  and Digital Fine Art Magazine amongst many other publications locally and internationally. 


In 2015 Lacey was awarded 2 Silver awards and 1 Silver Distinction awards at the AIPP Epson NT Professional Photography Awards (NTPPA) and won NT Documentary Photographer of the Year 2015.

AIPP APPA 2015 Lacey was awarded one silver image nationally.

AIPP VPPY 2016 Lacey submitted 8 entries with 6 of them being awarded. 2 silver distinctions and 4 silver awards; this made Lacey the EPSON AIPP VPPY Documentary Photographer of the Year 2016 making her a multi-award winning Professional Photographer.

MAMABirth participants receive a free voucher valid for pregnancy, birth or newborn photography

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MAMABirth is proud, and very lucky, to showcase Angela's stunning work in our resource booklets, website & presentations.

Angela Gallo 
Melbourne's original Womb Warrior, doula, photographer, doula mentor

Once upon a (long)time ago I was born in Montreal, Quebec to an Italian father and French Canadian mother. Well and truly a mutt, I speak a few languages and have spent the last few years making Australia and Thailand my home. In the process I baked a couple of babies inside my overn and now divide my time between Melbourne and San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. 


As you can probably tell, I am a little obsessed with all things pregnancy, birth and motherhood culture. I am a self-professed nerd who digs all things uteri & emotionally charged moments. Because of this, I decided to dedicate a big part of my life to what I love most.


I am a birth doula and birth photographer who helps women approach their individual birth experiences, wholeheartedly & enthusiastically. I work extensively with women and their families, before, during and after birth, to help them create experiences that are most fulfilling to them.


More recently, I launched a mentorship to help birth workers find the savvy they need to run kick ass businesses. It is a course that teaches the likes of Doulas, Birth Photographers, Childbirth Educators, Lactation Consultants, Midwives (and more!) how to combine purpose and profit. 

I am an aspiring teacher and am currently re-certifying with Doula Trainings International (the onlytraining organisation I endorse!) in hopes of facilitating workshops and courses worldwide in 2017. 


I also tailor create engaging content for like-minded audiences, hosting & speaking at events internationally.

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