MumLife Australia is a trusted online resource sharing evidence-based information to help mums make informed parenting decisions.

The internet is saturated with well-meaning yet questionable parenting advice. Even before a child enters the world, mums-to-be are bombarded with myths, misnomers & misinformation.


MumLife Australia was founded in October 2015 to address this barrage of unsubstantiated and unreliable information feeding parental anxiety.

“During my own experience as a new mum, I saw a real need to empower mums with evidence based (judgement-free) tour through the most common questions and concerns of parenthood.” Ani Tuna, Founder & Editor

As a trusted online resource, MumLife Australia empowers mums by sharing evidence based information combined with practical parenting considerations. Our Tribe of medical professionals and academics translate the latest research into digestible information to help mums make informed parenting decisions.

MAMABirth presenter, Hayley, is a proud member of the MumLife Australia tribe.

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