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meet our midwives

Meet the Midwives


I have been working as a midwife for over 10 years. Early in my career, I transitioned from working in the public hospital system to caring for families in private practice. This has allowed me to care for women and their families throughout their entire journey. I am both extremely passionate about and grateful for the ability to work in this way.

Another passion in my professional life is childbirth education classes; I completed Calmbirth training in 2011 and regularly run skills workshops for midwives as well as guest lecturing at universities.


I have two beautiful young children and a wonderful husband who support me to work in my dream job.

You can meet Kelly at our Kensington classes in Melbourne!

A midwife is a qualified health professional who is trained and committed to providing care, education, advice and support to women & birthing people and their families. This support takes place during pregnancy, labour, birth, and the early postnatal period.


Midwives view pregnancy and birth as fundamentally normal & healthy processes - as well as profound and precious events in a person's life. 


Our work is founded on deep respect for women & birthing people, and a strong belief in promoting every person’s right to self-determination and to make informed decisions for themselves, their baby and their family.


We firmly believe that the childbearing journey has the potential to affect every facet of a person's life, including their relationship with their new baby, partner, themselves and their functioning in wider society.   

Are our classes for you?

Our Classes

  • are welcoming & inclusive of all pregnant parents

  • are capped to small numbers - no more than 9 pregnant participants & their support people - for an intimate, inclusive & interactive learning environment

  • are written & presented by  registered midwives who work locally - not just someone who took a weekend training course! 

  • are independent & focus on   evidence-based information , which means there's no:

    • hospital policies

    • clinician preferences

    • branded syllabus

  • are now offered in  Melbourne, Hampton, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

  • aim to make you feel excited & empowered

  • aim to help you make informed decisions & communicate these with your health care providers

  • are tailored to you - we send you a pre-class survey to find out more about you & your interests/goals

  • are suitable for pregnant people in ANY model of care -

    • public hospital,

    • planned homebirth,

    • midwife care,

    • private obstetric care 


  • would like to have a normal physiological birth in an ideal situation

  • might be worried about how you will cope with labour/birth and the changes that come with a newborn

  • appreciate unbiased, scientific and factual information about how your body works & what options are available

  • might be feeling overwhelmed by conflicting opinions and advice about

    • labour/birth

    • pain relief

    • breastfeeding

    • newborn settling & sleep

  • would like to avoid unnecessary interventions for yourself and your baby

  • would like to understand situations where there is true medical need for interventions

  • would like to be supported by a confident, capable and calm birth partner 

and most importantly...


if you have no idea what there could possibly be to talk about for the length of our courses....

you definitely need to come along!

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We focus on factual, evidence-based information, not personal opinions. You're already receiving plenty of those, right?! MAMABirth content is drawn from up-to-date research evidence and is regularly updated. Any anecdotes or personal experiences we share to 'bring the evidence to life' are declared as such, so you can always know where information we share is coming from!

The ultimate goal we want to help you achieve is a positive birthing & postnatal experience - this will look different for everyone & there is no "right" or "wrong". We define a "positive birth" as one where you feel informed & supported.


We believe normal physiological birth is an inherently safe & well-designed system. It's our area of expertise as midwives, so we use that our starting point to help you understand the ins & outs of how your incredible body & baby work together in pregnancy, birth & postpartum. 

But we also acknowledge that situations of 'true medical need' occasionally arise, and we can’t control how our birthing and postpartum experiences unfold - so we also will equip you with tools for navigating the decisions you may need to make along the way.

Our job is to help you make the informed choices that are right for you,  with appreciation for all the inherent nuances & shades of grey.  We don't prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach - instead, we aim to expose you to different perspectives and ideas that you can 'try on for size' & in doing so, figure out what feels important & right for you as an individual. 






Are our classes for you?
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