Wanting a quick refresher ahead of welcoming your second baby?
Just wanting to focus on specific content?
Not able to make the group class dates?
We can work with you to tailor a private class to your needs, interests and budget.  Classes are available in our Kensington centre or the comfort of your own home (travel fees apply). 
Please note due to our limited availability, there will unfortunately, be times we cannot accommodate a private class but we will do our best!

Pricing Guide

Our pricing structure reflects the one-on-one, customised nature of these in-demand private classes. To help you compare what's offered, check what's covered and included in our signature MAMABirth group classes

Private class at the MAMA Centre in Kensington:

1 hour session - $116
2 hour session - $180

$50 per hour after the first 2 hours:

  • 4 hour session - $280

  • 6 hour session - $380

  • 8 hour session - $480

  • 10 hour session - $580


  • Completely tailored, one-on-one childbirth education course

  • Electronic resources to complement your learning

Please note refreshments, printed resource packs and discount vouchers that are included as part of group class packages are not included in private class fees. 

Travel Fees:

  • $100 flat rate for an in-home class 

  • additional travel fees apply to distances >50km radius from the MAMA Centre in Kensington 

How long would I need?

We suggest that a minimum of 8 hours are needed in order to cover all the MAMABirth content, depending on how much depth you are wanting to go into, and if you'd like to include some of the interactive components of the course or not.


Please get in touch if you are just looking for specific aspects e.g. postnatal/breastfeeding, or labour/birth and we can give you an estimate of how long this would require.