Catherine's Empowered Birth

Catherine & Gindi attended MAMABirth classes in August 2016 and had pregnancy, birth & postnatal care from MAMA Services midwife Jan. In Catherine's words:

"While my birth didn't go how I thought I wanted it to in detail, the outcomes were perfect - healthy mama and baby (and mentally healthy too), as physiological as possible, and no tearing. I felt like I could have walked out of there easily right away. I recommend a private midwife to everyone - as does my mother! Jan has been especially incredible post-birth - while the hospital LCs were focused on mL of topup, Jan was working to get a latch. It took six weeks, but my baby will finally breastfeed most of the time.

MAMABirth was especially useful for my partner. I'd read several books, but it was a great way of presenting all the information for him in a digestible fashion. I was astounded to get to my MCHN 'New Parents Group' and be the only one (of six) who had an unassisted normal birth. One planned caesarian birth, three unplanned, and one forceps delivery. Of the three unplanned and one forceps, all had used epidurals, all had intervention for 'failure to progress', and none had taken much in the way of birth education. We're pretty sure my partner knew more about birth than the other mothers combined. I was really saddened to hear one of the other mothers, who had hoped for a normal birth, say "someone said to me afterwards that an epidural can slow contractions, do you think that's true". I'm sure I'd have had a different birth if I had less education - it's so important!"

Images credit: Angela Gallo

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