The Arrival of Zeph

The best part about MAMABirth is hearing from our participants after the birth of their baby. Here is what January participant Imagen had to say:

"Following our pre-natal classes I thought you might like to hear our birth story. It is with great excitement that we announce the arrival of our beautiful boy Zeph Ellis Burr born on 8th March at the Box Hill hospital. We are very grateful for the advice and information that we received at MAMABirth, we found it all very useful.

You may remember that the hospital had me flagged as a ‘Red Pathway / high risk’ patient because of my age. Due to hospital policy, as we anticipated, constant foetal heart monitoring was non-negotiable which unfortunately meant I wasn’t able to use some of the mod cons like a nice warm bath. But on the positive side, little Zeph’s heart rate was steady throughout the entire day and we achieved our birth plan of a vaginal delivery without any medical intervention whatsoever. I had a 17 hour labour all up, the last 5 hours were at the hospital. We had a birth plan which we gave to the midwives upon arrival at the hospital and they worked alongside us tirelessly to make it happen. They were extremely supportive, understanding and professional and for this I will be eternally grateful. I was 10 cm dilated when I arrived at the hospital and after a few conversations and a couple more hours of labour I started pushing at the request of the midwives. This pushing phase took an entire two hours and I was understandably exhausted after 17 hours of labour but using every last bit of energy that I had, I was able to birth my son naturally.

I was elated to be able have my son naturally without any pain relief or medical interventions. I hope that my story is added to the ‘stats’ and considered in conversations with older women who wish to have vaginal deliveries. I have certainly notified the doctor that tried to talk me into a C Section at 28 weeks as I felt it was important that he heard this outcome. I really hope these types of stories can be added to the body of evidence relating to older woman delivering their babies the way nature intended.

Thank you again for the invaluable info, it gave me the confidence I needed to deliver little Zeph. It's a day I will treasure forever. And just so you know, I did everything you suggested prior to D Day and it all helped (I believe). Perineum massage - I had a small tear with only 2 stitches and hand expressing colostrum - so they had something to feed Zeph while I was in surgery having the placenta removed. Great advice. "

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