Workshops for Student Midwives

These workshops are on a little break but we hope to get them started up again in the second half of 2021.

Please contact us if you'd like to express your interest.

Breastfeeding (1)
Breastfeeding (2)


Our 2.5 hour workshops just for student midwives aim to extend your knowledge base by combining theory and practical skills to help you support and communicate with women and their families. 


We aim to give you confidence in the basics for the start of your career as a midwife in areas that aren't well covered at uni.


Our experienced Midwife presenters passionate about creating a safe and inclusive learning space where there's no such thing as a silly question.


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Content Outline


The safety and logistics of planned homebirth including:
- risk assessment 
- roles, communication and collaboration 
- practical considerations
- tips for counselling and preparing clients
- basics for managing emergencies at home


Content Outline


The benefits, safety and logistics of water immersion during labour & birth:
-risk assessment 
- practical considerations

- setting the pools up
- basics for managing emergencies in water e.g. snapped cord, shoulder dystocia, PPH


Sterile water injections for relieving severe back pain in labour


What you can expect:

- theory with interactive components

- case studies 

- group activities 

- max 25 student midwives in the group (10 in breastfeeding sessions)

Content Outline

1. Why is promoting breastfeeding important?
2. Promoting informed decision-making
3. Getting things off to a good start
4. Basic Troubleshooting
5. The role of formula
6. When to ask for help & where to go
7. Case studies

Please note this is a general overview of content. Each workshop is a little different.  We may spend more or less time on certain concepts depending on the interests the students express, as well as the flow of the workshop on the day.

Please get in touch if you would like more information 

Our Venue

Unless otherwise stated, all workshops are held at
MAMA Services Kensington

38 Gatehouse drive,
Kensington VIC

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Terms & Conditions

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Our workshops for student midwives are always in high demand, booking out with waitlists, which means invariably keen students miss out on coming.  As a result, we've had to introduce a strict refund/cancellation policy as below:


By paying your course fees and thus making a booking, it is assumed you have read and agree to the above terms & conditions. Course fees will not be refunded if you have booked without reading the terms & conditions, including our Refund Policy as outlined below.



Refunds/Transfers Policy:


  • Please note your course fees are NON-REFUNDABLE., so if you're likely to have commitments such as placements around the dates of the workshop, we suggest waiting  until they're confirmed before making your workshop booking, as we cannot provide refunds

  • You can transfer your booking to another participant by emailing with details PRIOR to the date of the workshop. 

  • You may also request to transfer your booking to another workshop (pending availability) by emailing PRIOR to the date of the workshop you've booked into.

    • You are only entitled to 1 booking transfer. In the event you are unable to make the 2nd workshop you've booked into, course fees are forfeited. 

  • If you cancel on the day of the workshop or do not show up, course fees will be forfeited. 


If you wish to book but have any concerns or questions, please email BEFORE paying your course fees.



No Shows / Arriving Late: 

  • Classes times will not be rescheduled or postponed due to lateness; missed time & content will be forfeited. 

  • Full or partial refunds will not be granted for no-shows or arriving late unless under exceptional circumstances, and only at the sole discretion of the MAMABirth presenter.