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The Classic  Course

 A comprehensive childbirth education course for pregnant parents who
want to learn it all! 

A quick look at the content..

  • how your body & baby work together in a physiological labour & birth

  • what options & choices are available to you

  • what is normal vs signs you might need help

  • how to prepare for your own positive birthing & postnatal experience 

  • the role of interventions like instrumental or caesarean births

  • how to make your own individual informed decisions & communicate these to your caregivers

  • tips for being an awesome support person 

  • what to expect with postpartum recovery plus newborn feeding, sleeping & behaviour

12 hours of content, divided over your choice of either 2 or 4 sessions covering

  • last few weeks of pregnancy

  • labour

  • birth

  • breastfeeding

  • newborn babies

  • postnatal recovery

Ideally suited for pregnant parents
who are:

giving birth for the first time 
hoping for a physiological birth in ideal circumstances

  • Undecided about how you'd like to give birth? This is still the course for you!

  • Planning a caesarean birth? Check out our Planned Caesarean Birth course

  • Giving birth for the second or subsequent time? You will get a lot out of the classic course, but you may be interested in our Refresher Course.

Course outline

Full Course Outline

IMG_0274_1 (1).jpg

Part 1
Preparing for
Labour & Birth

  • the physiology of the last few weeks of pregnancy

  • hormonal physiology of labour

  • birthing statistics in VIC

  • tips for

    • ​setting up your birth environment

    • coping strategies

    • choosing your support team

    • taking care of your body & mind

  • options for models of care & place of birth

  • reframing "natural" ways to encourage labour 

  • perineal massage

  • antenatal colostrum expressing

  • exercises & positions for optimising space within our bodies 

  • Group B Strep screening


Part 2
Labour & Birth

  • the physical, psychological & emotional changes along the continuum of labour

  • the sounds of labour

  • tips for the early, established & pushing stages 

    • active labour positions 

    • tools support people can help with​

    • reducing the chance of perineal tears

    • abnormal signs

  • working with physiological pain

  • the nervous system

  • breathing techniques

  • water immersion & waterbirth


Part 3
Interventions & Informed Decision-Making

  • giving birth to your placenta

    • active vs physiological management​

    • cord clamping​

  • assessments & examinations in labour 

    • fetal monitoring​

    • vaginal examinations

  • writing your birth preferences

  • informed decision-making strategies

  • caesarean births​

  • instrumental births 

  • induction of labour

  • cascade of intervention vs true medical need

  • pharmacological pain relief

    • epidurals

    • nitrous oxide gas

    • opioids (morphine or pethidine


Part 4
Life with a new baby

  • postpartum recovery

  • pelvic floor recovery

  • mental health

  • what happens in the hours & days after birth

    • skin-to-skin​

    • first breastfeed

    • ​Vitamin K

    • Hepatitis B vaccine

    • newborn screening test

  • getting breastfeeding of to a good start

  • bottle feeding

  • newborn babies 101

    • sleep

    • settling & soothing

    • bathing

    • changing nappies

    • dressing

    • ​​signs of illness

Please note   this outline is a general guide only.

Each class & series will be a little different as  we regularly update the course & adjust content to suit the needs & wishes of our participants, at our midwife presenter's discretion.

Please get in touch if you would like more information 

You will also receive

A printed resource booklet
(posted out to you if online class)

Extra  digital resources
lifetime access

Access to our parents group

Ongoing support from your midwife presenter after the course - ask as many questions as you like!

Your investment: $428 

(includes pregnant participant & 1 support person)

  • Additional support people: $50 each

  • Student midwives participating in continuity of care experiences are welcome to attend with you, free of charge.

  • Price is the same for in-person  & online classes as the content & inclusions are  identical between both offerings.

Anchor 1

Course   Dates

Scroll down for the available dates. Please note that the website does not update automatically as a class books up.

If you are unable to proceed with a booking, this means that the class has likely booked out before you secured a spot. Please call the reception team for any assistance or if you are unsure

Kensington dates



Held at MAMA Centre - 38 Gatehouse Drive, Kensington VIC 3031
Small group size - maximum 9 pregnant people (+ one support person each)

Live-streamed via Zoom

May  2023

Evening Series #1

Monday 15th & Weds 17th & Monday 22nd & Weds 24th 6pm - 9pm

bookings open - book here

Weekend Series #1

Saturday 6th and Saturday 13th
10:30am - 5:30pm

fully booked - join the waiting list

Evening Series #2

Tuesday 16th, Thursday 18th, Tuesday 23rd & Thursday 25th 6pm - 9pm

bookings open - book here

June  2023

Weekend Series #1

Saturday 3rd & Saturday 10th 
10:30am - 5:30pm

fully booked - join the waiting list

Evening Series #2

Monday 5th, Weds 7th, Monday 12th & Weds 14th 6pm - 9pm

bookings open - book here

Weekend Series #4

Sunday 4th & Sunday 18th 
10:30am - 5:30pm 

*please note the fortnight between class due to availability*

fully booked - join the waiting list

July  2023

Weekend Series #1

Saturday 8th & Saturday 15th 
10:30am - 5:30pm

fully booked - join the waiting list

Evening Series #2

Monday 10th, Weds 12th, Monday 17th & Weds 19th 6pm - 9pm

bookings open - book here

Evening Series #3

Tuesday 18th, Thursday 20th, Tuesday 25th & Thursday 27th 6pm - 9pm

bookings open - book here

Weekend Series #4

Sunday 23rd & Sunday 30th 
10:30am - 5:30pm 

fully booked - join the waiting list

August  2023

We are currently confirming dates with out midwife presenters & will release classes as they are finalised.

Please join the EOI list here to receive an update 



Held at MAMA Hampton- 9A Railway Crescent, Hampton, VIC, 3188
Small group size - maximum 4 pregnant people (+ one support person each)

May  2023

Evening Series

Monday 1st, Wednesday 3rd, Monday 8th & Wednesday 10th

6pm - 9pm

fully booked - join the waiting list

Evening Series #2

Monday 15th, Wednesday 17th, Monday 22nd & Wednesday 24th

6pm - 9pm

*Location in East Brighton*

bookings open - book here

June  2023

Weekend Series

Sunday 4th & Sunday 11th

9:30am - 4:30pm 

fully booked - join the waiting list

July  2023

Evening Series #1

Monday 17th, Wednesday 19th, Monday 24th & Wednesday 26th

6pm - 9pm


fully booked - join the waiting list

August  2023

Weekend Series #1

 Sunday 6th & Sunday 13th August

9:30am - 4:30pm


fully booked - join the waiting list

We are considering holding another course this month - please express interest here



Held at various locations across Brisbane suburbs
Small group size - maximum 6 pregnant people (+ one support person each)

May  2023

Weekend Series

Saturday 20th & Saturday 27th 

10am - 5pm

Located in New Farm

fully booked - join the waiting list

June 2023

Weekend Series

Saturday 17th & Saturday 24th 

10am - 5pm

Located in New Farm

bookings open - book here

July  2023

The QLD team will be travelling in July so we won't have classes - sorry!

Please join us in June or August!

August  2023

Weekend Series

Saturday 12th & Saturday 19th 

10am - 5pm

Located in New Farm

bookings open - book here

 Online Classes

Live-streamed via Zoom -join from anywhere!
Small group size - maximum 12 pregnant people (+ one support person each)

Our Refund Policy:
Due to our small group sizes & high demand, payment is required in full at time of booking & is non-refundable in the event of change of mind, other engagements, forgetting to attend or illness.  Full refunds will only be given for unexpected early births (provided you are less than 36 weeks pregnant at the start of the course) or if we need to cancel the course. If you wish to move your booking to another course date, please get in touch at least 7 days before the start of your booked course (space permitting).  If you’d like to pay in installments, please contact us on 03 9376 7474.

For in-person classes: 
If presenters have any COVID-19 symptoms, to keep everyone safe they will stay home & we will do our best to arrange another presenter to teach the course. In the event this is not possible, as a last resort, we will live-stream the class via Zoom instead & presenters will contact you to confirm arrangements.  No full or partial refunds apply in this instance.
If you have any symptoms on the day: please get in touch & we will offer you a Zoom link so you can still participate in the course from home.


  1. Click on the "book here" next to your preferred series

  2. Click "select" on the right-hand size of your preferred series 

  3. Scroll across on the calendar until you reach the correct month

  4. Look for the first date of the series you want to book

  5. Click on the symbol on the date of the first session for the series

  6. Click on the time on the right hand size

  7. Fill in your details & submit

  8. Look out for a confirmation email & complete the booking form within ASAP.

Please call our reception team on 03 9376 7474

if you experience any difficulties.

Got questions?    check out our FAQs 

Online class dates


As lockdowns have ended, we have found more people choosing our in-person class options again. At the moment, we do not plan to host online courses unless we have enough expressed interest in this format. Please let us know if you have an interest in online classes by expressing your interest below & don't be shy in telling us your preference for month & evening vs weekend classes!

Once we have enough interest to hold a class, we will organise some dates.

Click here if you would like to express an interest

How to book & policies
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