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What are people saying about our antenatal classes?

At the end of every class, we ask our families to complete a feedback form so that we can continue to improve and learn. We currently have hundreds of completed forms which we are so proud to read. We don't have a way to share them all - but here are a few snippets of some words that we have received.


Thank you to all of the beautiful parents in Kensington, Hampton, and Brisbane who have filled out our forms and sent us these love letters over email.


Prior to joining the class a lot of my decisions / thoughts were grounded in fear, but I feel empowered and educated to make the decisions that are right for me and to advocate for what I want.

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Not only this class preparing me for labour and delivery, but also preparing my husband as a support person. Also the way presenters teach the class is fun so it’s not boring at all!


How to begin! We found the course SO rewarding. The depth of evidence based information, coupled with pragmatic advice for navigating the birthing space left us feeling empowered, and excited (as opposed to anxious, like we were feeling before!).

20_03_2022, 4_10_30 pm_edited.jpg

The presenters were knowledgeable and friendly midwives with real life experience. The content was excellent and covered a wide range of topics from early pregnancy to looking after a newborn baby.

20_03_2022, 4_03_53 pm_edited.jpg

Excellent information and well presented. We feel so much more prepared and well informed after the course, and ready to make a birthplan with confidence. All information was evidence based and presented all points for us to make our own informed decisions based on how we feel.

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My husband is a doctor and was very particular about what course we took on together, we wanted it to be evidence based and non judgemental of intervention. We both loved MAMAbirth and can safely say it's the best pregnancy related education source out there. Will recommend to all my pregnant friends and family.

Brisbane parents.jpeg

Very thorough with lots of applicable knowledge. Very safe environment to share concerns and ask questions. very engaging and interactive

IMG_1083 (2).HEIC

The sessions were packed with information, but it didn't feel like we rushed through anything important, and got to spend time really deep-diving into the information


Coming into this class, I had a fear of labour, birth giving and being able to care for a baby. With all of the information that I've learnt from the class, I feel less overwhelmed, more prepared and empowered to make informed decisions. 


Great content, well presented, lots of opportunity for discussion and to ask questions, came away feeling informed and positive about birth and post partum.

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Informative. Factual. Non-opinion based. Easy to understand and gave myself and husband a lot of useful information that has put us at ease.

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It was incredibly informative and you were never pressured into doing something you didn’t want to. Which allowed for a relaxing learning environment.


I found the breastfeeding and newborn care tips really helpful, I felt more empowered to follow my instincts with my baby and not worry about schedules and pumping (like some resources from other countries say to do)

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I felt so informed and I had been nervous that the information would be too much and make me scared of the birth- in fact it made me feel really positive about the birth and now I am looking forward to it.

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