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More MAMA Classes

There are many more parent education classes available at MAMA. These are just a few examples of classes that our MAMABirth families also commonly join!

Newborn & Child
First Aid


In this workshop you will learn first aid basics for common illnesses and injuries of childhood including burns, choking, CPR, breathing difficulties, seizures and anaphylaxis.


There will be some practical components to the workshop, and participants will walk away with some handy materials and tips for handling emergencies in the home. 


Pre-crawling babies are welcome to attend!

Available in Kensington, Hampton, Warragul, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast 

Fourth Trimester Workshop


In this workshop you will learn 

What is normal in newborn sleep
Development in the first 12 weeks
Learning how your baby communicates
Recreating the womb: Settling strategies
Building your relationship with your baby
Expectations of parenthood and breastfeeding
Matrescence + Patrescence
Emotional changes: Adjustment, the “baby blues” + more
Relationships and intimacy
Creating a village
Tips for visitors
Coping with stress

Available in Kensington & coming to more locations soon!

Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshop


Our breastfeeding education class is facilitated by one of MAMA’s lactation consultants and held over two hours in an intimate group of a maximum of 5 pregnant women (plus one support person per woman is highly recommended) .

The class will cover the following topics:

  • Why breastfeeding

  • Breasts & hormones

  • Skin-to-skin and the first breastfeed

  • Feeding cues

  • Positioning and attachment

  • Hand expressing

  • Signs of adequate intake

  • Bottles & breast pumps

  • Common challenges and troubleshooting

Plus, there will be time for questions, and you go home with helpful handouts for future reference.

Available in Kensington & online over Zoom!

Newborn Baby with Mom

Booking these & many other classes

You can find more information about these MAMA classes & book a space over on the MAMA website!

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